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The mission of the Data Analytics Club is to facilitate and grow students' appreciation for, knowledge of, and access to Data Analytics resources and opportunities (and all relevant applications therein), and empower members with managerial-level analytical skills that will make them effective in any role or industry.









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Our Team

Erik Steeb
Junior Board Member
Matthew Fetterman
VP of Part-Time Inclusion & Initiatives
Carrie Gardner
Junior Board Member
Fernando Granados Ruiz
Junior Board Member
Hensley Sejour
Junior Board Member
Luke Miller
Junior Board Member
Anthony Salesi
Junior Board Member
Shravya Amarnath Adluru
Junior Board Member
Peter Holt
VP of Part-Time Inclusion & Initiatives
Julia Jiang
VP of Corporate & Alumni Relations
Yiran Shi
VP of Faculty & Student Relations
Palida Suwanpromma
VP of Finance
Aki Kono
Executive Vice President
Daniel Kung
VP of Corporate & Alumni Relations
Alex Lapshin
Philip Park
VP of Collaboration & Inclusion
Yosuke Arimori
VP of Education & Professional Development
Justin Rubin
VP of Analytical Training & Storytelling

P: 412-268-2000

Data Analytics Club

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Penn, 15213