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The Graduate Business Association (GBA) represents the interests of the student body of the Tepper School of Business' Masters programs. It acts as a liaison between the student body and the Tepper faculty and administration, including the Dean's office. The goal of the 2018 Graduate Business Association is to:

  • Host Events that Promote Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Ensure Student Preparedness throughout the Program
  • Encourage Cross-Campus Integration
The GBA also acts as an umbrella organization governing student organizations and coordinating the distribution of funds distributed by the Tepper Administration to the student clubs and organizations recognized by the GBA.

Mission and Vision

The GBA is committed to enhancing Tepper's strong community, enriching the student experience and aiding the personal and professional development of students. To that end, the GBA:

  • Advocates on behalf of students
  • Implements school-wide initiatives and events to fulfill student needs
  • Empowers students and student-led organizations
  • Fosters relationships between all students, faculty, and administration
  • Encourages collaboration within Carnegie Mellon University and within the Pittsburgh community

GBA Structure

The GBA is comprised of 12 members, elected annually: President, Vice-President, Admissions Officer, Alumni Relations Officer, Career Officer, Finance Officer, Marketing Officer, Technology Officer, Diversity Chair, Activities Officer, Part-Time Officer and Part Time Online Hybrid Officer.

The GBA also oversees a number of committees that work to improve the student experience at Tepper.