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Service Leadership

Diversity & Inclusion

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Our Mission

The mission of the 2020 GBA is to enhance and collectively contribute to a safe, diverse and inclusive supportive community that empowers students to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. We will proudly embody and embrace our dynamic student body, its diverse perspectives, and the Tepper brand. are the pillars of the GBA and how the board plans to execute and exemplify these values and initiatives.


Our Team

Vijay Adipudi
Adara Maroon
Wellness Committee Chair
Scott Mentzer
Marketing Officer
Adam Boucek
Vice President
Ivy Gong
Professional Development Officer
Kimberly Chan
Bazyl Nettles
Academic Officer
Bryan Dulog
Part Time President
John Schiff
Activities Officer
Thomas Mitchell
Finance Officer
Kovi Shlomchik
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
Katterin White
Alumni Officer
Jordan Ollee
Admissions Officer