Tepper Consulting Club

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About Us

Our Mission is to educate, mentor and empower students and prepare them for success in their professional lives focused on consulting and internal strategy careers. We are dedicated to providing interactive, customized and inclusive programming that:

  • Introduces members to potential career paths in consulting and internal strategy
  • Empowers students to find their brand and share their stories
  • Supports and enables students of all cultural and professional backgrounds
  • Provides guidance and resources to prepare students for recruiting









Members Benefits

Our club culture is centered around support and hard work. Through collaboration with peers and personalized attention to the recruiting process, every Tepper MBA will be ready to thrive. The diversity of our community is our greatest strength, and we believe that consulting is a great path for people of every background.

Interview Prep

Be prepared for recruiting with a tried and true prep method.


Be a part of an organization that’s invested in career development through personalized relationships with current students.


Build meaningful relationships with alumni, classmates, and professionals in the consulting industry.

Industry Education

Develop a strong understanding of the industry, including management consulting & internal strategy roles.

Consulting Treks

Visit major firm offices and connect with current practitioners.


Meet new students with shared interests and build your MBA network.

Our Team

Aishwarya Balaji
Corey Fowler
VP of Finance
Christopher Beck
VP of Professional Development & Experience
Augusto Hernandez Gallegos
VP of Strategic Planning
Michael Greene
VP of Professional Development
Yining Hu
VP of External Relations
Jake Martens
VP of Firm Relations
Parth Shah
VP of Communications
Rebecca Moura
VP of Corporate Relations
Mike McCloskey
VP of Operations
Ellen Noh
VP of Professional Development
Raj Patel
VP of Education
Yiran Shi
VP of Engagement
Jeffrey Zhang
VP of Strategic Planning
Jean Zheng
VP of Mentorship

E: tepperconsultingclub@tepper.cmu.edu

Consulting Club

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
United States