Date: November 7, 2013

OLC Members,

We received an invite from the President of the Sports Business Club to participate in the below event.  SBC will provide food to those who RSVP.  Professor Hahl is an OB professor who will use sports as a context to understanding customer need -- see detail description below and sign up using the link provided.  


Team OLC


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***************** Message from Sports Business Club *****************

Sports Business Club Members - 

Carnegie Mellon Professor Oliver Hahl will be presenting to interested club members on Tuesday, Nov. 12th at 5:30pm in room 227.   Oliver is a post-doctorate fellow in the Organization Behavior department who focuses the majority of his work on audience perception in the sports industry.   Oliver is a former University of Pennsylvania baseball player, Yale MBA and recieved his Ph.D from MIT.   He has published several works, including a recent paper regarding baseball stadiums and the history of stadiums throughout baseball history.   He has a full presentation he wants to share with club members and I encourage you to attend if you are able to do so.  Please RSVP for the presenation through Campus Groups.  Food and drinks will be provided for the presentation.   

To read more about Oliver:


Sports Business Club.