Date: October 16, 2013
Subject: INFO ONLY: Leadership Video Link

Organizational Leadership Club


Dear OLC Member,

Congrats on yet another "Mini" milestone.  As all of you look forward to your next mini and things that you "must do" (recruiting, networking, classes, socializing, etc.), I hope that you can find some time of reflection on your experience at Tepper.  For some of you, your formative leadership experience and persona may be developed and refined here -- I hope so.  I also hope that OLC and other vehicle you choose for your own personal brand of leadership will be fully leveraged during your time here.

In order to help with that, and in case you don't have time to read a full biography on notable contemporary leaders, I offer the following resource:

It is a great repository of video lectures from leaders that we see in the media.  For Better or for worse, they have chosen to share their personal stories of leadership.  Sharing is one tme-tested vehicle for personal growth and development, if we can openly reflect and discuss the lessons-learned.  This was also echoed by the Accelearte Leadership Journey Speaker, Paul Frank.  As you seek mentors and become one yourself, sharing your personal stories of triumph and failure has intrinsic value worth pursuing -- it not only builds us, but bonds us within the leadership community. 


Have a great break and see you in Mini 2 - look for more exciting events from your local OLC team.